SEEU welcomes the ‘Technology’ generation

“You see how difficult the world looks outside this university. High unemployment rates and economic growth trends, as well as financial crises, perhaps even globally, are not at all encouraging. At the same time, markets are opening up quickly and job competition is getting much tougher around the globe. However, I would like to encourage you always to think positively. Whenever there is a risk, there are chances and opportunities at the same time. This globalization and this competition will bring new rules of play, where the most capable, the most knowledgeable, and the most competent will be valued, and not just the diploma you hang on your wall. For this reason there are many possibilities and hopes.”

So said the Rector of South East European University, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, on Monday, 17 September, at the first welcoming meeting with freshmen. At this meeting a special message was conveyed to the new students, who were present in large numbers in the lecture hall. According to Rector Dika, students of South East European University must feel special, because they will study in the most beautiful environment in the region, with study conditions that even many European universities would envy, and in an institution committed to multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic education.

“You will be taught by professors and academic staff who are all dedicated and trained to provide you with knowledge and competences according to new teaching methodologies, and they are ready to instruct, guide, advise and assist you in acquiring knowledge systematically in your respective fields,” the Rector said. He also noted that SEEU utilizes sophisticated electronic and administrative services, which employ a high level of interactivity, are all designed to suit the dynamic lifestyle of students.

The President of the Student Parliament and Association, Veton Iljazi, urged students to join and be active participants in all activities that are organized.

“We are here to help you because we know that at first it may seem difficult for you, but here you are at your second home”, said Iljazi.

The new SEEU students will have here the possibility of choosing courses with more individual tasks and exercises, and to cooperate among themselves as students, by using the electronic media community. The University provides a high level of technological support and innovation, to make the registration and studying processes interactive and engaging.

During the induction week new students were also informed about the University’s infrastructure and services, including designing their schedule, the creation of their electronic profile within the electronic apps, etc. These presentations were conducted by representatives of the IT Services and the Student Services.