SEEU from a students perspective!

Jetlum Pocesta, is a second year student in our university. He studies Business Informatics. He comes from United States of America, and we talked about his experience within our university. It was a great chit chat  about his student’s life, university life, his perspective about the people and the friendships that he have made so far.

  • Why did you pick SEEU over other universities? How were you informed?

The main reason why I chose SEEU, is that I heard its diploma can be transferred. So after I finish I have the chance to go back in USA and in the same time I can continue further with my education. Another reason is that it was outside of my city, and I believed it will be great to see other cities and enjoy the student life. I learned about SEEU from its website and asked people who went here. That way I had the clear idea that it was a great opportunity for me.

  • What did you expect from the university? What is the reality?

First of all, I was expecting a bigger campus. Even though compared to other universities it is way better, since the other ones look like a high school to me. Still I am not disappointed, the campus and the facilities are descent. Second of all, the classes are good and the professors are well-prepared. I personally came with low expectations, but I am glad I am part of this university.

  • Did you have an opinion (stereotype) before coming here?

Before I came here, I heard not many good words for the people who live in Tetovo. There was a big stereotype that they were bad people. Personally I expected to have problems with them. Well fortunately people weren’t like that. I have very good friends from here and so far I haven’t been in trouble with anyone.

Teuta Reçi and Luleza Ziba (International Communications students)